PURL – Personalized URL or Persistent Uniform Resource Locator

PURL – PURLS – You should have heard the term by now if you have anything to do with direct marketing.  Most people consider them to be Personal URL’s such as www.mvpgroup.com/johnsample   It as actually an active URL that is “personalized” typically with an individuals name so when they click a link or type in the URL, up pops a “personalized” page.  The technical term for this type of URL is a Persistent Uniform Resource Locater which is basically an address on the World Wide Web for a resource or webpage.

The great use of PURL’s with a direct mail campaign involve designing a landing page that has relevant and personal information for the individual recipient.  A landing page populated with name, address, city, state, zip or any other relevant information you know about the recipient, can greatly enhance their engagement with your website.  The more time spent on your site, the greater the chance of getting a new customer or having an existing one buy again.  M.V.P. Group, Inc. has been in the direct response marketing business since 1997 and can help you with your next campaign and discuss PURL’s and if they can be of benefit.

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