EDDM- Every Door Direct Mail With the U.S. Postal Service

 A new and expanding direct mail trend is Every Door Direct Mail by the U.S. Postal Service.  The shotgun marketing approach works for many businesses that don’t need to specifically target certain socio or economic profiles.  The greatly reduced postage amount allows florists, realtors, restaurants, banks, coffee shops, etc. hit the areas surrounding their location. 

PURL – Personalized URL or Persistent Uniform Resource Locator

PURL – PURLS – You should have heard the term by now if you have anything to do with direct marketing.  Most people consider them to be Personal URL’s such as www.mvpgroup.com/johnsample   It as actually an active URL that is “personalized” typically with an individuals name so when they click a link or type in the

Credit Card Affixing and In Line Finishing

M.V.P. Group, Inc. has recently upgraded two production lines for high volume credit card mailers.  The newly enhanced lines allow scoring, perforating, affixing up to four credit cards per mail piece, folding, fugitive gluing and ink jet addressing with spot color capability- ALL DONE IN ONE PASS.  The results are an incredibly efficient and matched

Trigger Data For Mortgage Industry

We have access to all three credit bureaus with one industry leading platform.  Trigger leads are pulled daily and offer records of those that have had an inquiry regarding a mortgage.  We will automatically pull fresh records on a daily basis and mail daily to those individuals seeking a new loan.  We also have access

Direct Mail Lettershop Southern CA

MVP Group, Inc. has been an established leader since 1997 in the direct mail lettershop services business. Based in Southern CA in Orange County and more specifically, Santa Ana.  Our lettershop services are comprehensive and include everything you could possibly need for your direct mail advertising project.  CASS Certify, NCOA, Merge-Purge, ink jet addressing, laser

Direct Mail

Direct mail printing and lettershop provider since 1997.  Trust MVP Group, Inc. to handle your direct mail advertising from start to finish.  Call (714) 881-0659 today or email orderdesk@mvpgroup.com with your job specifications.  Your custom quote will be ready in minutes.